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Performing a lot of sink repairs lately.
Not complaining!
Got to use our pvc extractor
on the 2 by 1.5 bushing. Acted like a slip coupling. Tested-
sink was stupid slow. I filled that sob to the rim. Backed up 10mins. Not one drop. Industrial blue rector seal on rubber slip joint washers.


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What's up with that u-turn drain?
That's the laundry line where the back up occurred. I didn't take the time to really look at it well, but one side was higher than the other, like they had two washers? Here's the kicker.... The main backed up from there, the first floor. Main line laid on the floor from the back of the house to where my pvc clean out was; 15' from the front. Just before my clean out there was a 3x2 tee on it's back, went into an 1-1/2 pressure tee that was bushed to 3/4 and capped with some sort of garden hose contraption to cap that and up to a trapped deep sink. I can't explain it. The main backed up out of the second highest non checked fixture.:eek:

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I should have taken a picture of the disposal I put in today. It was wired with two extension cords. The homeowner had wired it to a switch with intersecting extension cords that ran from the disposal to the switch, from the switch to the outlet. I was in complete awe....and very afraid.
21 - 40 of 3808 Posts