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Good evening everyone. forgive me if I ramble on I have been working 9 days straight and we will finish our week this Thursday. Mon- Wed this week was 10 hour days-7-5:30.
Anyway I have not filled out my profile yet but I will.
I am doing Remodeling part time.
I started the business in 2006 and it came to a stop the end of last year so i needed to go back to work full time and I always wished I had pursued with plumbing prior to gaining all my knowledge in Carpentry and Home Remodeling.

My plumbing sub-contractor is running a job here in Charleston. We are doing the new East cooper hospital in Mt Pleasant.
I was offered a position as a helper and I accepted because first of all at the end of last year they were the only company who offered me a job.
I thought that it would be great experience for me to get around the commercial end of things and see things operate.
Also I could pick up on some additional skills that I always wanted such as with plumbing.
I am familiar with residential work but never commercial.
I did attend vocational school for plumbing, masonry carpentry in the 90,s and have been around the Construction field for 18 years. I do love contracting and doing this type of work, no I am not dilusional just being honest.
In the past several weeks I have started to layout from the plans for the job and have began running drain waste & vent cast iron assisting my mechanic.
He has total confidence in me and has actually told my foremen that I am familiar with what has to be done and has began to let me layout & install in the areas we are working in.
I am glad because I was getting quite bored not using my brain to figure things out like I do in Remodeling. But I kept quiet, applied my previous skills and tried to learn fairly quickly and be a good helper.
I thank God that I knew how to read prints already which I am sure helped me out quite a lot.
I have learned to identify the fittings and understand where the print shows that they are to go.
Ok heres my question- as I said sorry for rambling on I am tired.
I have been started out at $12 per hour. I believe I have applied my self
and have learned very well in 12 weeks. Never late or missed any time
always did what I was asked, never griped or complained.
Would it be unfair to expect a nice raise at this point of time or am I being to unrealistic.
look I have already had to fix runs of drain and waste for plumbers who have did these installs and have not used Black swan.
I have learned to love Black Swan- YUCK.
I have had to relocate drains that were installed in the wrong locations, fix 2",4" cast iron that was not properly pitched.
Again these plumbers are suppose to be veterans of 15-20 years :blink:

I know if I had an employee and he showed this much skill in such a short time or was able to adapt his skill from another trade and be as enthusiastic about learning and never missed a day I would definetly compensate him or her for there efforts.
Any and all information will be greatly appreciated.
I have glanced at this sight and I can tell there is a great amount of knowledge to draw from.
I have been a member of Contractor talk for a while so I know these forums are invaluable!

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Are you a licensed plumber or are you in an apprenticeship program, give us an intro, if you're not a licensed plumber or an apprentice, then why are you here?

This site is for plumber only.

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So in 12 weeks, you know all of the following:
How to size drainage pipe?
how to size water pipe?
Fixtures Faucets and fittings?
How to size vents?
Indirect waste?
Traps, Interceptors, and Seperators?
Storm Drainage?
Natural gas codes and procedures?
Osha codes and regulations?

Somehow I doubt that you have managed to learn all of that above in 12 wk. No matter your prior experience in what ever trades you have indulged in. Plumbing is an art. It takes a long time to master that art. Seems to me that you may have only been hired as cheap labor for one project in particular. I would be counting my blessings that you found a job right now. I would look and be damn sure that there are other jobs available for your skill sets before you open your mouth.
Just my 2 copper lincolns as a business owner myself.
PS, welcome to the PZ.

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Maybe your boss is too busy or does not notice you

I always start my employees with the lowest wage possible because most employees flake and quit, or get fired within the first few hours. So, why waste money.

If the employee lasts more than one week, I evaluate his work, etc., and give him a raise. But, I never evaluate my employees a 2nd time within the next twelve weeks. I usually give raises about once a year.

It is hard to tell by your writing whether or not you deserve a raise because even though you show up on time, I don't know the speed in which you work, the quality of your, nor the quantity. I don't know your personality nor your mannerisms. Are you clean cut. Are you the type of person other employees want to work with. Do you complain about things. Are you 100% drug free. Do you help to improve the company or do you poison the company in any way? Are you bright, a quick learner, and you do things right when you are told the first time.

Before I give a raise there are many things I consider because as a boss it is very simple to make a mistake and give a raise and very difficult to lower a wage and keep the employee.

If you think you deserve a raise, ask for an appointment with your boss and be prepared to state your case, or be prepared to hear the reasons why you won't get a raise. If you don't get a raise, consider how much it is worth to work for the benefit of gaining experience.

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Who are you again ?

If after 6 months you don't get a small raise as in an apprenticeship, then you may inquire as to why.

But as far as wages go you started out above the starting wage for an apprentice anyway, good luck.

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There's a guy that is always hiring plumbers, all the time, all year long: $12/hour.

Guy will work you 60 hours straight, sometimes more, has tons of work because he bills out at $45-$55/hour and he's not even a licensed plumber. City/state all overlook that fact and now that the state of Ohio has a contractor's license, you know damn right well he just took the open book test and made himself legal now.

Lots of overnighters replacing large water heaters for restaurants that can't have down time.

He's been in business at least 24 years now, so being cheap isn't always going to mean you're going out of business. Guys always work for him but they eventually quit. You get massively taxed to death when you put in up to 30 hours overtime a week,

then only get paid twice a month. He won't give raises either.

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I was thinking the same thing reading that novel of a post. I could see this guy taking up an hour of someones time, just to get to the point of the raise. I was told (long ago) that if I wanted a raise, the best thing to do was to go in and ask nicely, and if that didn't work, throw my tape measuer at the wall behind the boss.

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I was working at a slimeball outfit in their maint. department.

The plant manager was a scatterbrained idiot that always wanted to pull you off something and go onto whatever scatterbrained idea was his latest and greatest. One of the real challenges was getting a job finished.

We had a few rounds with some time card discrepancies which I had rectified by citing the state wage law. But as punishment he cut out my overtime. This was a plant that everyday shut down at 3:30 and thats when they did the heavy maint for 1.5 hours. At 3:30 everyday I waved bye-bye and left...

I couldn't figure that logic out but it was cool with me...
He eventually figured it out after a month and told me that on a certain day I was going to come in later and stay later.

Anyhow, I was lining up a new gig and had it all worked out...
The day I was suppose to start coming in later was the day I was planning on picking up my tool box and saying see ya.

As a parting gift I no longer controlled this guys scatter brained efforts.
I would start a job and pull apart whatever he pointed me at.
Then he would come running up with something else he wanted me on...
Off I go to pull that apart and lo and behold he has something else.

I spent 2 weeks pulling apart whatever he wanted me to do and I never looked back... I had more stuff pulled apart than I could put back together in a month...

Finally on the day I was picking up my tool box as I pull up in the morning he come running up to me there was a machine he wanted to use and he just realized that he had pulled me off the job and it was all apart...

Sorry boss I just came by to get my toolbox I'm firing you....:laughing:

I love firing bosses!:thumbup:
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