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Yes, that’s the plan, but i would like to be better prepared for that conversation. If this system isn’t installed correctly, or could have been installed better, and the installer says otherwise, how would i know. Second and third opinions, from other professionals would help.
If members here have suggestions that i can manage myself, then there will be no reason to call the installer. I’m sure he is busy enough this time of year. Thanks
Just an FYI all the members here are lic’d professional plumbers. And I guess you missed the part about the fact that this site is FOR “professional plumbers ONLY”.
I know what’s wrong with your “new set up” but I didn’t spend 25 years+ building a business, educating myself only to give away free advice. Doing Plumbing work/jobs are how I (and we) pay our bills, feed our families etc, we don’t work or give away advice for free, just like it’s safe to assume you don’t do your job or work for free..

Call me back the installer, trust what they say, you paid them to do a job, if it isn’t done or done right they need to fix it to complete the job.
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