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I just had a 17 year old Burnham boiler replaced because the heat exchangers failed. This is a new Crown Bermuda gas boiler installed 4 days ago.

Because it bangs loudly, on a pretty regular basis,
i studied the internet for suggestions. Nothing seemed to fit the problem, but boiler installation issues were discussed regularly. If there are any comments to be made, on the installation pictures i posted, feel free to make suggestions.

The function of this boiler, as i watched it for a short time, went like this.
The boiler was not heating and the water in the site
glass was at the black line.
There were some clicking sounds and the water in the
site class rose 2” in 30 seconds.
When the water stopped rising, the boiler kicked in and
started heating.
The burner turned off after a minute and the water level
returned to the black line level in 30 seconds.
Then the whole process started again.
The one time i was fortunate enough to be at the boiler
when the banging started, it seemed to be coming
from the left side, where the copper piping is.
The banging is not at the individual radiators.

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Just an idea, Why don’t you call the company that did the install so they can solve the problem?
Yes, that’s the plan, but i would like to be better prepared for that conversation. If this system isn’t installed correctly, or could have been installed better, and the installer says otherwise, how would i know. Second and third opinions, from other professionals would help.
If members here have suggestions that i can manage myself, then there will be no reason to call the installer. I’m sure he is busy enough this time of year. Thanks
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