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I've done a lot of floorheating as an apprentice.. I've done a fair amount as a plumber. I've taken extra courses on weekends in radiant installs and design... to be fair, I love heating more than plumbing and I'm doing quite a bit of radiator work, boiler maitenance and a few installs in the 1.5 years since I've been on my own but I haven't done radiant heating installs since becoming my own boss. Being a worker and being the contractor are two very different things..

So, with my first real job to quote for radiant heating and it's a doozy. 11000 sq ft. mansion.. they might just do the basement (4000 sq ft) or the whole home.. its a 7 million home that they gutted and they're doing a 2 million reno. Some oil tycoon.. anyhow, my question:


I started looking at sq ft. rates.. just googling. Do I start deducting surface areas like bathtubs, elevator (yes, there's an elevator), etc? Or take the total sq ft and give my price like that? What are your guys' experience?

Other factors:

Doing the basement, I feel like I could design and take care of that myself.. the whole home though? I would probably outsource the design. That way I can focus on the install.

I came to the idea that 8$ sq ft seems reasonable. Any advice or info I could use?
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