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Using sectional cables with drill adaptor

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Sectional Drain Cleaning Cables Compatible with Ridgid® Cables
Proflex R Connector

Catalog No.Description
7.5R-75/8" x 7-1/2 ft. Close-Wound
7.5R-85/8" x 7-1/2 ft. Open-Wound
5R-107/8" x 5 ft. Open-Wound
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This cable right here. Is it innercore ? The 5/8 close wound
It's a tighter wound hollow core cable. I think rothenberger has a 5/8 cable with a plastic core but it's probably pretty expensive. Maybe give Allen j Coleman a call
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I might just go with the tighter wound. What you think ?

Significant roots are not a big problem under slabs here. Almost every stoppage is toilet paper from low flow toilets and or combined with cast iron. Single occupant usually, old lady or kids using tons of thick paper. A pipe full of dried paper can be a problem……
I've run into smaller roots with the sdt cable and was fine same with thick paper and waste under a home. The hollow core 5/8 does ok with those but against larger roots or phucked up fittings you'll need something beefier. The thing about tight wound cable is it doesn't feed well on a drill. On what to do or not to do with the 5/8 hollow core my best advice would be not to attempt anything with it you wouldn't attempt with a 3/8 inner core drum cable(besides toilets, you can run a 5/8 sectional through a toilet without breaking it. It's what I do on wall hung stools)
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