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Using sectional cables with drill adaptor

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Sectional Drain Cleaning Cables Compatible with Ridgid® Cables
Proflex R Connector

Catalog No.Description
7.5R-75/8" x 7-1/2 ft. Close-Wound
7.5R-85/8" x 7-1/2 ft. Open-Wound
5R-107/8" x 5 ft. Open-Wound
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Just for general information I emailed "Plumbers Tools" and asked how to lubricate my new flex shaft since they ship it dry. They said they use Machine oil because it remains stable in high heat. He also stated some people use graphite grease. He also stated I could use compressor oil or paraffin oil.

For my homemade flex shaft I just used marine grade grease. I will probably use compressor oil since I have a couple of quarts already.

Hope this info is helpful.
While searching for flex shaft options I saw you mentioned your home made. How is it holding up? Can you pls share the details? Thanks
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