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In a basement , I want to change location of a washing machine and a [COLOR=#4BA123 ! important]dryer[/COLOR]. Currently there is a washing machine and a plastic sink in the basement.
The used water from the [COLOR=#4BA123 ! important]washing machine[/COLOR]
is connected to the P trap of the sink .There is a vent pipe connected to the P trap.
The resulting soil pipe goes into the cement floor.

Now I will be moving the washing machine/dryer to another location and get rid of the plastic sink and I'd like to get rid of the pipe going into the [COLOR=#4BA123 ! important]cement[/COLOR] floor altogether.

There is no problem to redirect the vent pipe ( I will use it for the new location ).

Question: Can I just close off /seal the pipe going into the floor that is now not used anymore?
Or should I just keep connected it to the vent pipe ( with no soil drainage purpose anymore )?


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In reference to the other forum where plumbers are only too eager to fall all over themselves to give out free plumbing advice, I just don't understand the reasoning. If your next door neighbor has a plumbing problem help him out if you want, or if you know a little old lady who can barely keep her lights on, help her out if you want but why in the world do you feel compelled to give away your hard earned knowledge (and mine) to every johnny diyer on the planet with internet access. Without listing things I may or may not do, I would not like to think of myself as overly stingy but I have a line that I won't cross.

Example - the other day I park my truck in a strip mall to go to lunch. Before I can even get the engine shut down there is a very eager man standing outside my window. I roll down my window and he starts waving a ceramic disc 2 handle lavatory stem at me and wants to know if I have this part! What ! You must be joking. This guy wants me to sell him stock off of my truck (at my cost no doubt) so that he can fix it himself and preserve his profit margins at his nail salon. To hell with my profit margins what do they have to do with anything, just sell me the part, c'mon I know you've got it in that huge truck somewhere. I let him know that we do not sell truck stock but that for the $59 service charge I would be happy to come in and take a look and quote him an exact price to make the repair. Oh but what a ridiculous offer that is, I just want you to sell me that part for a few pennies you can always go to the plumbing supply and pick up another one.

Well I of course said no. I also say no to giving out free how to advice on forums to diyers. Aside from cutting the throats of your brethren in the trade how often do you think diyers walk away with just enough knowledge to be dangerous.

I know I'm not going to change anybody's mind, especially primarily new con guys who don't see what the big deal is, but I just had to speak my mind on this. HD and Blowe's are only too happy to help the diyer get into all kinds of trouble. Why do some of our brothers feel compelled to take bread from our tables and leave ho's thinking they've got it whipped only to meet with disaster. While being helpful to your fellow man is an absolutely admirable and desirable character trait, it would be much better if you just found somebody who needed help and take care of the need for them rather than publishing a never ending stream of how to fix any plumbing problem in 60 seconds or less.
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