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Hello All!
I've searched for quite a while on ways to support the copper indirect drain pipe connecting the 3 bowls of a commercial triple bowl kitchen sink. All Bowls have a trip lever drain and either connect to the copper with a 1-1/2" nut and ferrule straight into the trip lever drain threaded outlet or by means of a D'sanko adapter. Each bowl connects to the 2" copper drain through tees. Overall the length of the copper is about 7 feet.

I've had numerous calls on this due to the cleaning people beating the hell out of the drain while mopping or sweeping and continuously hitting the drain. I am looking for a while to support the drain and secure it to the kitchen sink cross members or something. I was looking at using split rings and some all thread which I've done before, but I was looking to see if anyone knew of any products that were made for this application. How are others supporting the triple bowl kitchen sink drains.

Thanks for any help!:thumbup:

Just ask the Mexican mop maids to be a little less aggressive. Por favor, senor, no pegue el cobre. :laughing: Translation: Please sir, don't hit the copper.
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