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Hey Guys and Gals
So you've all missed my pretty face for the past couple of weeks!! Am I ok on that point?

That's cause I've been doing R&R at my cabin in the Kootenays. No plugged crappers, no faulty limits and no customer attitude. Straight clean air, cold beers and awsome fishing.

Tomorrow it's back to the real world. I feel a bit like Amy Winehart tho, and want to check myself into rehab. Don't know if I'm cabable any more of smiling at the customer and telling him he's the guy signing the check so he must be right. I must step back and take a good look at the situation before I rap him up side the head with my ridgid. That's a

I'll check the threads out and give them my most profound input as usual. If my ramblings tend to wander, cut me some slack. It was a great 2 weeks and a person tends to forget a lot during fun times

best regards to you all

trout lake
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