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I’m still learning how to effective use and understand my code book but here is what I mentioned earlier about supports. This is an addendum in Allegheny county :
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it’s confusing because I don’t see any standard mentioned for any unshielded coupling above ground, but here it shows a lean in that direction. Sorry for the barrage of responses but this is something that piqued my interest both at school and in the field in practice. Yet I could never get a definitive answer on the subject.

Our inspectors have never had a problem with the methods we use just to clarify, but I’m always looking to have the knowledge to do it right, do it better, and understanding some of the reasoning why as well.

This is my type of guy. Someone NOT offended by centuries of experience critiquing his work. Researching, actually researching the critiques and still asking questions. Excellent attitude.
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