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Another Hell Job, I Wanted to Cry

Got a call from a guy for leaking shower drain, He told me the job was for his lady friend and no other plumber could be there within 2 weeks, I got there at 3:30pm, I opened the ceiling to see more diy/hack work plus there was no damn space to redo the drain without removing the pan altogether or risking cutting the pan because of plywood, the drain in the middle of the joist and pieces of scrap 2x4”.

I told the woman the issue and to do it properly the pan had to go, the floor had to be cut out and widened, she was panicking and saying to just patch it up but it had to last which didn't make any sense. She said 2 years ago someone had opened the ceiling and removed a rag that was catching the drip and had refinished the ceiling. Then a year ago a plumber just put some silicone upstairs with a warning it was just temporary. I said fine I’ll put silicone but you are signing a waiver without any guarantee and it''ll still going to leak anyway. She kept on stressing me out about the tub busting 2 weeks ago and flooding the living room, the plumber from the insurance didn't finish the job and didn't come back, lack of money, the covid, slow work, the price of insurance, etc.

As I put my arm up the ceiling to check the drain nut the freaking pipe broke off at the main stack where all the other branches were, the toilet, sink, tub and vent. I never curse but this time it was too much and I wanted to cry figuratively. One joint wasn't pressed all the way or glued! The branch at the stack was already cracked and I saw streaks. I was the unlucky bast-ard to fall into hell. If I were an employee I would of quit my job with all this insanity.

I went ahead and cut the wall several more times and I had to redo all the branches just to get to the shower wye. Then her friend showed up with beer breath and started blabbing away to say it was expensive and to give her something. I got annoyed and dropped from the step ladder and said what are you saying and do you want? He said you are expensive and I know a plumber at 30$/hr... I said I told you the rate on the phone and your friend signed the paperwork and I'm not even charging the evening rate. Blabla bla beer breath talk. I’ll tell you what since all the branches are cut out, I’ll stop right now, you guys pay me and your guy can put it all back together. He became all quiet, because he damn well knew it was an extremely tough job. We finally came to an agreement I finish the stack only and his guy would finish the rest.

While I was working they were discussing hiring a true hack to redo the shower and pipes. After the guy left and as I finished the bill I told her, be careful, the job here was hacked in and you are hiring another one to finish the job... I told her I was charging the materials at cost and the young adult son started to dissect the bill (ARGH&$$*) ... I got home depleted and I had zero energy today, totally burnt out.

This is why I don't flat rate!!!!!

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I had one today want $10,000.00 worth of work for $4000.00. Because that’s how much a Facebook market place hack wanted. I just closed my book and walked out. Didn’t say thanks, have a good day or kiss my azz. People are thinking that we are starting to get desperate.
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