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Thanks for the welcome fellows. I hope to meet some area contrctors to discuss any issues common to the trade. I left off in 1994 by trying to attempt to convince my Local Union Executive Board to support my plan to re-secure the service field, go after unlicensed plumbers in the newspapers (now craigs list), bathroom remodeling co's doing work with no master, sprinkler companies installing backflo devices, appliance companies doing water heaters, appartment managment division of ABC (Builders ASSOC) stealing plumbing work via apartment managers and handyman policies, and believe it is a fight worth pursuing again.
Florida introduced legislation at the time that was groundbreaking (10k fine) to police non licensed plumbers.
I cannot justify paying for a permit, for repair/remodel, when the local inspector is forced, due to budget, to allow all this to go unchallenged. Seems I pull a permit and become a sitting duck for him. So why quack?
That said, I know who the competition will be, the problems in competing for work ect. Just looking for people with the same mindset and some willingness to solve these seemingly easy problems facing we licensed repair plumbers. Mike
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