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I took a civil service test based on the Illinois code. I aced all the code questions, but missed 3 questions. One of them was how long of a 1/2" all thread do you need to make a u-bolt for 14" pipe. It goes thru 1/4" plate. with 1" sticking out. Another one I missed was
"what kind of flame is best for welding?"

Anybody got some answers?

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my thought on the first one is;

since you're using 1/2" althread, you'll need to add 1/2" to the pipe diameter so you're measurement will be along the center-line of the allthread.

take the total diameter (pipe + the added 1/2" for the rod) x pi, that will give you the circumferance of the pipe.

that gives you 45.53"

take half of that for the upper arc of the u-bolt.

that gives you 22.765"

from the center of the pipe, through the plate will be 7" + 1/4" for the plate + 1" for each side

that adds 8.25" for each side

add it all up and you're at 8.25" + 8.25" + 22.765" = 39.265"


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Neutral is the answer for the welding question, the ATR one to me is a trick question, you need a minimum of 3/4" ATR to hang pipe over twelve inches in diameter according to Chicago code.
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