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tango, you realize that visiting boutiques with the wife is a special kind of hell that befalls a lot of men
and I personally would rather be digging a ditch than going nuts watching them shop ,

I am one of them unlucky SOB's! I can't find the pictures I took this summer but I was waiting outside a mall store while she was shopping for makeup and I snapped 4 other guys leaning on the rail waiting for their women. I won't go into details but when we do weekend road trips I suffer a whole lot and it causes a lot of friction, she can't decide between 2 pairs of earrings for over an hour! Then she decides not to buy either one and off to the next boutique! HELP!!!

I would not go work at HD at minimum wage while retired, I'll keep my licence active and do easy jobs.

The RV looks in good shape, too bad the wife would not want to be seen in it, mine doesn't like to be seen in my sports car, "too flashy". I guess my next car she'll never get in it. :rolleyes:
The boutique reminds of this Bill Burr segment

1 - 1 of 52 Posts