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Tankless Maintenance

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What type of maintenance issues are you having with tankless heaters now that they are not so new anymore?

How often do you flush them out?
How long is the service call?
Assuming a proper valve set up was installed, what materials do you use for flushing?
Life of the tankless vs. tank type?
What other maintenance issues have regularly come up?
Are the customers as happy with them 3 years after the initial install?
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Payback is too long IMO. Most of the H.O.s who inquire about them realize that the cost associated with endless hot water is more than they anticipated.

A little discussed reality with tankless, the savings are more dismal when you factor in that H.O.'s change their habits as a result of having access to endless hot water. All quoted savings are based on using hot water in the same way you did prior to getting a tankless. Reality is, after a tankless, people will take longer showers, fill up the Whirlpool more often, and generally waste more hot water since the possibility of running out is eliminated.
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We have an 80 gallon electric Whirlpool water heater (came with the house) and a recirc. pump. At one time, there were six of us and we rarely run out of HW.

If it goes soon, I would seriously consider one of the hybrid heat pump water heaters. Of course, the Federal Tax Rebate weighs heavily in the decision. No rebate, don't know that we would spring for it. IDK

In any case, Tankless is not even a consideration. My soon to be three teenagers would NEVER leave the bathroom. ;)
Interesting thread. I don't see it as being completely cut and dry.

I do have a few questions though.

1. Could the average H.O. do this on a yearly basis without having to use the services of a plumber?

If so, then it's not any different than recommending a customer flush their water heater once a year. Very few do it though. When we sell a water heater, we don't discuss pricing for flushing on an annual basis.

2. Is it a manufacturer recommendation, but not really a requirement?

Seems to be since several have said they have done nothing with their own tankless units in several years.

3. If you were selling a Bentley, would you point out to the customer that tune-ups are more expensive? I think tankless may fall into this category since several have agreed that cost and payback are usually not the determining factors in purchasing a tankless.

4. Since most have agreed endless hot water is the biggest selling point, why are the manufacturers trying to PUSH (very hard IMO) the GREEN factor and energy savings? I had a rep tell me point blank, the savings is based on a consumer using water the same as before the install. However, he did say most consumers change their habits regarding water usage after the install.

5. Also, why should taxpayers be subsidizing something that is being promoted as saving energy, when in reality, the savings is minimal? Factor in the additional water usage that happens with this luxury and the overall GREEN savings is nil. There is an energy cost associated with delivering clean water and treating waste water.

All that said, if our customer wanted one, we would gladly install one. :yes:

Since we do not run out of hot water, I'll save the money and spend it on another luxury.

Stillaround might have a clue as to where I would spend my money. :laughing:
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MasterMark - I get that you don't see the value in tankless. However, if a customer really wanted one and was willing to pay for it, would you install it?

whats this got to do with the cow in Dunbars basement??.

Back to Dunbar's cow. I find it unlikely Dunbar has a cow in his basement. Perhaps it's his mother . . . some women don't know when to stop nursing. I'm just surmising of course. :rolleyes:
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