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I hope you told them phuck you I am going to schit talk navien for life now. They should have disclosed that upfront, phuck them.
They mailed parts even though the parts tested “ good “. Then when that didn’t work they sent the brainboard.......well that didn’t work either.

the problem was the heater took a long time to fire, if it fired at all.
Come to find out there is some stainless mesh at the top of the burn chamber and it’s tack welded up. These tack welds break and the mesh will sag then the spark will jump to the mesh snd give inconsistent ignition.

I have a Rinnai that I loan my customers if the rinnai that I installed had issues that I can’t repair immediately. I installed my Rinnai and took the Navien to my shop to work on. I eventually sold the customer a Rinnai and they were talking to a lawyer. I hit them with 6 hrs of labor at 140 an hour.
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