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Sorry for the ridiculous question in advance...

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Sorry for the ridiculous question in advance, but I have virtually no knowledge of plumbing and probably everyone on this forum knows the answer. From what I understand, commercial office buildings with large open floor plans tend to have all of their plumbing running vertically from only a limited number of locations on each floor. That differs greatly from residential buildings that have vertical plumbing running through each unit. So the hypothetical scenario is this:

Imagine you had a large open office building floor plan. And you placed a number of modular bathrooms into the center of the empty room, could you hypothetically connect those units to make them functional WITHOUT breaking through the floor or ceiling? Meaning, could you run all of the piping horizontally until you reach a connection point? (Forget what it would look like because it would obviously be just a bunch of pipes laying across the floor) but is it possible? I assume that to get the pipes to circulate you would need suction but are their pumps that could easily make it work? I'm attaching an image to give a better idea of the scenario. I hope im not being too much of a bother for asking... and thanks for even reading this far if you have :). THANKS!


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Don’t waste your money trying to run plumbing, Just build a closet and stock it with adult diapers, wipes and hand sanitizer.
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Every single one of those that I have had to go re-set was installed by someone doing their own plumbing. The water damage is lovely because it almost always pours into the wall.
Yep, there’s a few older buildings/condos around here that are full of them, I’ve seen some were installed before the floors were tiled..

I won’t touch them esp in a condo.
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