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Should of disqualified them

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Did a job yesterday, a couple who are on standby offer to sell their big expensive house. I had the feeling the woman was complaining about the rate on the phone but she called back to take an appointment. I should of blocked her after her first call

I was greeted by the husband they wanted stuff fixed from the inspection report, the lav pop up was leaking, he didn't want to change it out even if it was corroded, tightened the nut ok. Then I replaced the kitchen faucet and told him the illegal auto piercing valve for the fridge and aquarium tubing was a flood waiting to happen. He replied the inspector didn't mention anything. I didn't get involved in that argument but he refused to cap it or redo the line.

Gave him the bill and he flipped out when he read I wrote they refused to fix the illegal line and corroded drain, he asked me to write another document not disclosing the fact. No way I'm cheating I'm protecting myself, that thing leaks and I'll be thrown under the train. He argued I was creating more work for myself. More work, you refused!! He kept at it for a while I was trying so hard to remain calm and kept saying no I'm not doing that false paperwork and I finally said will you sign and pay or not. He dialed his wife and came back after a few minutes and signed off pretending not to be angry. I finally got paid an hour later.

I dislike people now, so many problem customers.

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I really dont like it when the pex is brought into the cabinet, its not much more work to bring in a proper coper stub out and it looks so much cleaner
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I prepared a reply for the review stating they wanted me to hide vital facts, I was about to post it when their score review disappeared. Not sure if the reviewer had sent it to the wrong company or realized by reading my eloquent/attorney style responses in other bad reviews they were opening themselves up to incriminate themselves.

But then my usual bad cloud started to rain, got a bad durka review because I replied to the caller I didn't offer the service for backhoe excavation to replace a main water line outside the house. Man do they ever pi$$ me off.
You know I learned something a while back that helped me understand where these customers were coming from, in india at least the caste of people that interact with human waste are seen as unclean/sub-human, which makes sense the way ive been treated at some of my customers properties that were first generation.
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