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How many use online services for W-2's, 1099's, 940, 941 etc?

We use to file electronically and print our W-2's for free.

Last year, we used a service online for free to file & print 1099s. This year they wanted to charge us $35.00. I was able to find a site online and just filed for $3.49/per form. This includes the electronic filing plus sending out the 1099's to the recipients.

940 & 941 - Still doing from Quickbooks.

Corporate Federal & State Returns? Due to fears about audits, I have never tried it myself. On average, we pay $700.00 in accounting fees. I am seriously considering doing it myself this year. I've been doing our personal taxes online through Turbo Tax for at least five years now.

Any thoughts / recommendations from anyone who has done their own Federal / State Corporate tax returns?

Maybe I should join a Professional CPA Forum and ask them? If I get stuck they can walk me through it step by step. ( :laughing: COULDN'T RESIST:laughing:)
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