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I am contracting my own house build on an acreage in Oklahoma. I have a question about adding an RV cleanout location. The drone picture below shows the initial stage of the below slab plumbing layout currently being done. The pad site has about 3' of fill on the right and 3' of earth was removed from the left. The septic tank (traditional gravity system with leach field) will be located close to the area where the rough plumbing exits on the right. The leach field will be down hill behing the trees located at the top right. Originally, we were planning to put the RV cleanout in the RV garage (top left) and have the Cleanout tie in to the waste line to the right of that where the master bathroom and utility closet tie in. Prior to starting the job, the plumbers expressed some concern with tieing in there due to the extremely long distance from RV garage to septic and how deep everything would need to be. They also worried that in the process of doing an RV clean out of the system, the large volume all at once could cause back ups into the master shower, floor drain in the utility closet, etc. So they offered to run an independent line across the back of the property from inside the RV garage, under the footing and tieing in before the septic tank on the outside. Picture below shows the initial start of that. The length would be about 180'. After thinking about that, I decided against it as the fall would be 1/8" per foot at best and I'd have a septic line running across my yard where hardscaping and landscaping and pool locations are yet to be determined.
So here is my question and I wanted to get opinions as to if this is fine, if it should work, or if there is any problems with this idea. Can I put the clean out location in one of the areas where the black arrows are and then core drill the footing (rather than go under it) and run the line from the outside clean out, back into the house and tieing in one of the two locations indicated by the black lines. Fall should be closer to 1/4" per foot and tieing in here is down hill from the master, laundry, kitchen. The rough in at the lower left represents a powder bath and two bathrooms , both of which tie into main waste line from the top dropping a short distance vertically. So I can't imagine the actual RV clean out process causing any back ups here. This location would allow me to pull up the RV next to the three car garage and clean out there rather than inside the RV garage. Quite honestly, I'm not sure that having the RV clean out on the outside is not better from a mess and odor standpoint.

I appreciate your feedback! Thank you.

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