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Well I was asked to do an intro so here goes fellas; I do mostly service plumbing and drain cleaning and replacement in the Metropolitan Los Angeles California area.I have a State Contractor License and have completed a Union 4 year apprenticeship many years ago [30] Here is my post; Hello gang hope all is well,

Occasionally I get "no heat" calls on the new gas "lo nox" water heaters with the sealed chambers

How do you guys handle them?

Honestly I havent had much experience breaking down and rebuilding these controls

#01 It seems you must "fish" things like thermocouples thru grommets

#02 On heaters like Rheem Ruud you must hunt or send for factory parts as plumbing supply houses don't seem to have them

#03 Is it true if you remove the control cover plate on the bottom of the heater for a client and attempt repairs you void the heater warranty?

#04 Are Bradford Whites easy to repair? I reccomend them and install them and honestly I havent had one damn call back

#05 If a client has anything else but a Bradford White and its a new lo nox heater and I get a "no heat" call ,am I wasting my time tryin' ta fix or should I just sell a new BW heater,,,,

#06 Guess what most of this no heat calls fall on the weekend when I can get parts any

Please advise fellas

My Best
Dave Doyle

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HAHAHA that was one helluva intro

i got lots of answers for ya because thats what we do

first of all you need to be a trained factory service tech

they all offer schools

the rest is technical stuff

good luck
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