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that radon is another scam ....a whole industry built on BS.....just like the asbestos here..scare the crap out of people and they will spend a fortune for nothing...
Have to disagree on the radon,we did a courthouse around 20yrs ago and it was built back in 1928,had a basement that had two baths and several floor drains but upstairs plumbing went out to sewer above basement floor and no one knew where basement Plbing went,so I outside looking around and found a small square of concrete 12x12 uncovered,so started uncovering and found a 10ft slab with small opening in middle,opened it up and it was a huge cave that the basement plumbing was draining into,the floor drains had no traps on them and straight air from cave was goin straight into building and radon levels were 10tines above the safe limit and all of our county clerks in the blding have died from some type of weird cancer,we installed traps on each drain and a company came in and put radon pumps on each end of blding and the radon readings dropped way way below the threshold,so I believe radon is deadly in large amounts
1 - 2 of 63 Posts