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Tuesday, July 29, 2008
Woman awarded €5,000 for damage by fitters

A DUBLIN woman was awarded €5,000 in compensation yesterday for damage
caused by central heating fitters who mistook her house for another.

DC Plumbing and Heating Ltd were half a day into the work when fitter Mark
Kelly received a call on his mobile telling him: “You’re in the wrong

Circuit Court president, Mr Justice Matthew Deery, heard Mr Kelly and his
apprentice had already lifted carpets and floor boards, drilled holes in
walls and ceilings and fitted piping and radiators – at the wrong address.

David Cranston, owner of DC Plumbing and Heating, Malahide Road,
Donnycarney, Dublin, said his company accepted their workmen had mistakenly
started work at 56 Bunratty Avenue, Dublin, instead of 56 Bunratty Drive.

Frances Tighe said in the Circuit Civil Court that Dublin City Council had
approved a €3,400 grant for the heating installation at her home at 56
Bunratty Avenue and she knew her daughter, June, had sought a quotation for
the work from DC Plumbing and Heating Ltd.

When Mr Kelly and his apprentice arrived she thought it was as a result of
her daughter’s arrangements. Her grandson Christopher Tighe, who lived with
her, had let them in and they had started work.

Four hours later they had pulled out after having been told they were in the
wrong house. Carpet and floor boards had been lifted, holes had been
drilled, pipes and radiators installed.

“I was crying and very distressed by what had happened,” she told her
counsel, Sarah Berkeley.

Mr Tighe said Mr Cranston had called to the house after the workmen had
withdrawn and had threatened to call gardaí if his men were not allowed to
recover materials for installation at the proper address. Mr Cranston had
become aggressive and Mr Tighe had refused to let anyone in again until
other members of the family had arrived to sort out the matter.

Judge Deery said Mr Kelly had been given a docket at his company office to
install a central heating system at 56 Bunratty Avenue when he should have
been directed to 56 Bunratty Drive.

When he had arrived at Ms Tighe’s house he had simply inquired: “Is this
56.” He had not inquired about the name of the householder.

Judge Deery said members of Ms Tighe’s family, who were all engaged in
various sections of the building trade, had completed the installation and
remedial works.

He awarded Ms Tighe €5,000 compensation towards restorative works and
personal upset.

© 2008 The Irish Times


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Jerrymac said:
A DUBLIN woman was awarded €5,000 in compensation yesterday for damage
caused by central heating fitters who mistook her house for another.
Considering that the Euro is now worth about a buck and a half, that's serious money!
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