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Do you take pictures of your plumbing work?

  • Yes

    Votes: 6 40.0%
  • Yes, but randomly, mostly on larger projects

    Votes: 5 33.3%
  • No, but I believe it to be a good idea

    Votes: 4 26.7%
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Yesterday, this album became my saving grace for a situation that presented itself.

Last night I worked in Cincinnati Ohio to replace a faucet, drain a pair of water heaters I installed over the years. This picture here was the one that took the questioning of my customer to determining what went wrong in the basement.

I noticed instantly as any licensed plumber would that the T&P drip legs were cut half way up the water heaters. No freaking way I would ever do that, for any reason.

I asked the customer if he was aware of the situation, he looked at me like I was foolish thinking I was just trying to make a buck off my own mistake.

I explained to him that I would never set a T&P drip leg halfway down the side of a water heater knowing the dangers involved.

He didn't believe me, so I asked him if I could hop on his computer and find that work I did. I found them, and instantly this fellow believed me that I set those relief lines down to the floor within a couple inches.

When I removed both of those relief lines for inspection, I notice a gray thread compound on the right MIP that threads into the T&P.

I never dope that connection, ever. :blink:

This customer went on to tell me that the only people in that basement other than me? HVAC guys. He said that over the past 4 years there's been 10 different guys in that basement, new furnaces and they come twice a year for $300 to maintain the units.

Well apparently someone took to the copper pipe I installed, and there's absolutely no reason why anyone would cut those copper pipes unless they had VALUE.

They cut those lines just enough to grab 3.5' of copper, and copper was $4 a pound last year in my area.

I drained this pair of water heaters last year...those relief lines were untouched without any alterations.

The customer is extremely upset over this revelation and what was disturbing is how unnoticed this went, and now is curious if anything else was removed from his home without him noticing.

IF, I would not of had this statistical data, this picture proof of this water heater installation, I would of been in a perplex situation in front of my trusting customer, wondering why I would be trying to upgrade a code violation that he thought I did it myself. ???

The pictures don't lie, The dates on those water heaters do not lie, the dates I uploaded those photos onto the internet, do not lie.

This is a prime example of how service providers ruin it for all of us when they think that theft inside a customer's home doesn't matter, or "won't be found."

If I did not have the pictures as proof that what I was mentioning did not transpire by my doings, last night would of been my last work experience with this customer, to no fault of my own.

Whatever you do, do your best to use a camera and document your work.

Anything you feel is intricate, involves many steps is a good idea to protect yourself. You never know; you might end up in a court of law with those pictures defending yourself and your reputation, and the pictures once they burn into the internet do not lie.

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I don't worry about pictures. When the inspector puts an "approved" sticker on the water heater, I'm good.
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