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I took on a basement remodel; it actually is a unfinished basement that's being finished.

Typical full bath but the floor had to be slotted to extend from the original tub/shower setup to full size shower.

Along with that, relo for the sink to a double sink on an adjacent wall. Water/drain lines had to be high and specific for this setup...translucent top, pushbutton lavy drains and single hole faucet setup.

In the shower, customer wanted dual showerheads which wasn't a problem.

Outside the bathroom, a bar sink that was designed into what I call a magnificent layout has started off incorrect with a 1.5 drain tapped into a floor drain with the pipe nearly coming out of the floor in the concrete. ***This was all done before I started/arrived***

Anyway, I set this bar sink drain up and ran a vent a looooong ways to a revent off a laundry tub so it be as legal as its going to get.

What's obvious, and the reason I started this I haven't done this type of "new construction" work in quite some time and now I know why I've turned so many of these away,

they suck! :laughing:

Keeps me in one place for way too long, hands are killing me from running 1/2" copper which was only a peuney 120'. Burned almost 58 fittings however.

I'm slow, real slow. Work looks professional and one leak in all of it (one side of a 90 blew apart because I forgot to solder, tinning flux does that *looks soldered* when the heat transfers close to fittings.

I'm hourly and to be quite honest; some young guys could of nailed it in a day I'm sure. Lots of fitting pipe though.....but if they can rough plumb an entire house in a day, this remod would of been the same and quicker.


Am I "washed up" as they say? I don't really care that I'm slow, other than I understand that this isn't my forte anymore. I absolutely despise coming back to the same job day after day after day and seeing the slow progress, the customer becoming more and more "use" to me and expecting a little more or less, depending on the situation or change of mind that should and will cost more, especially when you're hourly.

I think the wife wants me out of there and that's fine; I'm done after tomorrow but I made a mistake on some water lines that are super simple to correct tomorrow, no biggie.

Once I get that banged out, I'm off to replace a water heater on a 3rd floor in a condo, then head off to my last meeting for my backflow license to fulfill my remaining 3 credit hours to keep my license active.

In new construction, I've been there and done that, did it for almost 12 years and I'm so effing glad I'm out of it. I'm just doing this as form of punishment to get myself back on track moneywise and follow up on a referral from a year ago.

Being a new construction plumber has made me an excellent service plumber as it's given me the keys to the design of a plumbing system and how it effectively performs, why it would tend to malfunction.

So when I see a rocked wall with plumbing showing in front of it, I'm already plumbing that wall in my head as to how I'd plumb it, figuring how it was laid out so when I go downstairs and confirm the DWV or water line layout, I thank my lucky stars that I did endure the dog days in my trade...because it makes my day job run as smooth as silk when it comes time to correctly diagnose/troubleshoot a plumbing problem.

Damn plumbing giving me insomnia! :censored:!!
Oh Great Sense--- Must we remind you?

I worked with old timer to start. I sold this big sewer replacement with alot of tie ins, and the boss wanted us both there for me to learn, and him to teach.
We get there get every thing laid out and begin to hand dig, and dig, and dig... I know you guys know how the next part of this story goes. The next day we go back for more of the same. We get in the ditch wich is now about 3' deep and begin to dig. Both quite until about 20 minutes in he sais we are done for the day!!!
Mind you this is one tuff old SOB so I know he's not giving me a break, there is no rain clouds out, so I ask why? He sais "I'm not one with the pipe today and that was that...":eek:
Every one has bad days or jobs that kick there but. And there is always someone out there better than you are. As long as your smiling on Fri. and you like what you did to get there. Keep the head up and the shovel down.:thumbup:
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