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OSHA Safety Training

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How many of you guys have gone through OSHA safety training? When I worked as a construction manager at Lennar Homes I had to go through safety training and it was worth the time spent.
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Never have had to here. I'm sure it would be of great benefit.
We had random OSHA inspections so it really wasn't an option for us...
How many of you guys have gone through OSHA safety training? When I worked as a construction manager at Lennar Homes I had to go through safety training and it was worth the time spent.
Never did. Had a lot of safety training otherwise as well as volunteer fire department safety training which included ladder and roof training. That was valuable.
Yea, I'd say ladder safety is huge and so many people don't do that right.

Well, I'm hopeful that this Workplace Safety forum can bread some good conversation and keep everyone safe. We had a guy die on the site a few years ago and that really changed my perspective on this stuff.
Basic things can really hurt you.2 years ago on a farm somewhere out here a hired hand was trying to clear a stopped-up bldg. sewer and I guess the line was quite a long run ,and when he had the plug all but screwed off the pressure forced the plug out and it hit him in the face and killed him.True story.
OSHA training not mandatory here.
I have a osha 30 and ssta and first aid. being union there is alot of opportunity to take classes for free. and they get you on more jobs
I have OSHA 10 & 30 training as well as CPR and EMT Basic. OSHA does require contractors to have all employees OSHA 10 trained and all foreman's and higher have to be OSHA 30 and CPR trained in Nevada. We also have regulations for being trained on forklifts, scissor lifts, boom lifts, and Powder activated tools. Oh yeah and fall protection training as well.
I don't think OSHA even knows where SD is. When I was a pipefitter at Monsanto World HQ, OSHA training was on a monthly basis, and they spared no expense. We had bungee safety harness training from 3 stories up. CPR training, you name it, we learned it. It would be nice to see a presence here, but I think we're years away from that.
Have done certificate IV in OHS, and level 2 first aid!
Training not required here that I know of, every blue moon or so we'll get wind OSHA is in town and throw on some hard hats and check our cords. Its the framers i worry about, those are some brave SOBs, they don't even own ladders, they either build one from scraps or lean a 2x6 against the house and shimmy up it. :eek:
Fine line between brave and stupid.
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I had the ten hour class. It is required to test for your j man here in txs. And I had a confined space training class. But it expired
I've taken the 10 hour trench safety more times than I care to admit. You kinda run out of continuing education class choices after a while. :jester: It still counts no matter how many times you take it. ;)
I took the class in school, was years ago. Imo very Beneficial. I wish everyone in this right to work state had to take it. I have come close to getting hurt several times do to others ignorance.
I have OSHA 30 as well. Mandatory around here. Hated sitting through that class zZz
OSHA calls me for a safety meeting. Yet to go. I know I'm going to have to one day
Haven't had to do OSHA, but have had to do the 30 hour MSHA, seemed very similar to the courses I had to take in BC for ladder safety, fall protection, confined space, WHMIS etc.
OSHA 10 is mandatory around here. Just finished my 10hr class.:thumbsup:
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