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Does anyone read "Official", the magazine of IAPMO? They are way out there in the forefront of emerging and developing technogies, especially on the so-called green front. It seems to me that within the next 10 years, we will see all kinds of new things becoming commonplace....waterless urinals, 1 PINT per flush urinals, 1 gallon or ZERO gallon toilets, ultra high efficiency WH, furnaces, etc. Seems to me that a plumber who stays in touch, gets himself "edumacated" on these new systems will be in the catbird seat, as we can assume that any new products and technologies will not be without hiccups.

Just a current example....the FVIR water heaters take more savvy than the old ones. Power vents and tankless...another whole new ballgame.
Anyone had to service the new ULTRA LOW NOX water heaters mandated in Los Angeles county since Jan 1, 08? I am in S. Calif, but not LA so I dont know what if any problems they are having yet. I got the dog-and-pony show from the Rheem rep. Their unit, the burner looks like the flux capacitor in the DeLorean. But they are convinced that they got the design right, reliability wise, and seem to think that A.O. Smith will have maintenance problems like the AO FVIR's do.

Anyway, could be back-to-school time! But I do smell $$$$ for anyone who can keep the new stuff running!
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