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Last job that I did was an added bathroom; it had {2} w/c's, a shower and a double lavatory sink. I did the underground, 2nd rough and final but I didn't do a shower pan. The tile man did all that {makes my life and job that much easier.}
I roughed-in for the shower on the 1st rough and when it came time for the 2nd rough, I merely left the 2" riser cut down to approx. slab height, set {but didn't solvent weld it in place} the shower drain on top and left it all to the tile man.

He sloped the base I guess with cement. I wasn't there for that. He was raving about how great the system was that he used. I don't remember the name, but he applied a liquid that cured on the walls and the shower base...{Kerdi maybe? I don't know because I am not familiar with that system.}
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