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No threshold residential stall shower pans

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My home was flooded in Ian. Lost most of the contents of my home and am now remediating. I guess its time to bite the bullet and modernize my bathrooms. Like the mechanic with a clunker of a car, I am a worn out Plumber with bathrooms that I have no choice but to remodel.1960s Slab on grade Concrete Block construction. Plaster on rock lathe wall coverings are coming out. Cutting the floors and replacing the cast iron with PVC. Also gonna abandon the looped copper water lines as in SW Florida, they are long overdue to fail. Im gonna loop Pex under the floor while its open and run insulated hot and hot recirc. I want to put a curbless stall shower in. I have been looking online and there are so many new systems out there that its difficult to form an opinion. I kinda like the Schluter Kerdi because of the relativly low overall thickness. I used to do my own wet bed tile showers when I was a younger Plumber and I guess I could rally one more time, but it might cripple me. So the question is, who has an opinion on the new systems that are out there as far as quality, cost, availability etc.? I would like some opinions from those who have tried the different stuff out there and have come to a conclusion as to what went best for them and perhaps have settled in on a certain type they are stickking with. Thanks in advance.:unsure:
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No experience from the professional plumbing point of view, the most we do is just slam a drain and a pan liner and go on our way.

A good friend of mine is a tile guy and swears by the Schluter Kerdi setup. I’ve lowered several drains for him and plumbed up some diverters for him but not been present for the install. Only thing that he said negative about them is the price tag scares some customers away.
Thanks for your input
the concrete contractor dropped the slab 4" in the shower area.

the tile setter did a preslope on the slab.

the tile setter installed his membrane.

then he built a sand cement mud bed

then he set the tile.

the bench is solid concrete block covered in liner.
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Thanks, looks good. Old school method comes out nice. Did the tile man use a liquid applied membrane, such as hydroban after the preslope, or did he put in a pan mambrane like vinyl or lead?
wedi pans are the norm here for regular houses and slab on grade.
Have you used other beside wedi and how would they compare?
Careful with the pex circulation line I’m see failure of pex pipe hot side turning yellow and brittle with houses with a recirculating line I’m in Chula Vista Ca
I would set it up to recirc on demand, not constant.
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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