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What’s the worst injury you’ve gotten on the job?

Had a manhole frame set down on my foot. Resin and concrete burns have been in thev2nd degree magnitude.

Steak- how do you like it cooked?

Medium rare

Cats or dogs?


Coffee or tea?

coca cola

Vinyl, CD or MP3?


When not working- shirt: tucked or untucked?

untucked can't keep it tucked in. I'm not fat tho

BBQ or openfire to cook, OR cooking is a woman’s job?

stove top

Thin or fat chicks? OR I’ll take what I can get?

I'll take what I can get

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Here a guide :

Are you an employee, apprentice, journeyman, business owner?

Tell us if you had to go to trade school. How long?

How many hours or steps(1/2/3/4) before you become a journeyman?

What trade certificate do you have, plumbing, gas, oil, pipe fitter etc.? How did you get them, exams, courses, or free in a cracker jack box?

What about your recent jobs, describe what you actually do and what type of building : houses, high rises, commercial building, institutional, oil refineries, paper mills etc.

Tell us about you, some funny plumbing jobs and or horror stories.

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Started out doing excavating homing pipes in and building retention ponds and so forth. Moved to manhole rehab fixing leaks then lining them with mortar. From there got into the cipp side cleaning the laterals and lining them. Been all over the country doing city main sewer work and for oil refinerys.
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