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yea a big jetter can be worth it.. if you have alot of commercial contracts it pays off quick..

I know our company offers yearly maintenance on a lot of large townhouse complexes and also monthly maintenance on quite a few commercial and apartment buildings.. just mainline and I'm sure it brings a lot in..

half the time you don't need that much, but what if you do.. plus it cuts down time one job..

Right now our primary jetter is a 4012 machine from American jetter with the harben..

but we have 2 custom built jetters one with a myers 4018 and another with a Prattasoli 4020..

the 4020 you cant pull it back by hand just too much there.. my favourite is the myers though powered by a john deere and its awesome truck..

We have 2 guys on truck the run it but remotes would be nice..

Congrats on paying your Jetter off.. now its all profit..

half a million to 3/4 of a mil is good to make off a 40-75k unit.. my boss always inflates his numbers how much everything costs but a custom built with the truck and tank Im assuming about 150k ford f-450's stainless tanks and hannay reels..

Up here it gets cold so we have built in recirculation systems so the hours are inflated because of that..
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