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I ran the water supply and connected a GE Merlin tankless RO for a mist system on a commercial bar. The GE Merlin RO system was provided by the owner. It was an easy set up, no manual for the RO system and the GE Merlin is a tankless RO system that has since been discontinued. Imagine that.

The system worked fine for awhile but the constant draining of the RO (one of the main issues with it) caused the owner to look at other avenues, so I removed the RO system and informed him that you cannot put a standard RO system on a mist system, unless you spend some big bucks due to the flow rate of the RO, in order to get a good flow rate, you need a commercial RO system with a fairly good sized storage tank. I installed a sediment filter and a water conditioner to prevent scaling and buildup and the systems been working fine for about 2 weeks. I went out on Monday to check the flow rate of the water at the pump to give the owner some ideas on increasing the size of the misting system and noticed a leak at the pump header. I told the onsite manager to contact the people who installed the pump, it was under warranty.

These guys are now telling the owner that because I removed the RO system and connected the water supply to the pump, it caused the leak at the pump. I informed the owner that as good as these guys think they are, its a manufacturers specification, not theirs. I will check the specs on the pump.

My question is how many of you have installed mist systems with just a sediment filter? Everyone I have ever installed I have used a sediment filter if it wasnt already part of the pump.

Has anyone ever connected an RO system for a balcony style mist system?

Thanks for any input!
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