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The place I stay at during the week had me install a new toilet for them. Its a Kohler and man does it suck! leaves skid marks all the time. It just dont seem to have the self cleaning action I seen in other brands.

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Most newer toilets flush far better than they did a few years ago, however because of the quick powerful flush they don't swirl much hence the greater likelyhood of hash marks.

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A few months ago, I had put in the new style Highline. The next day, the crazy lady called and demanded I replace it because the rim wash was inadequate.

I installed some no label brand that worked fine, except the flapper chain was too short.

Kohler does "suck". They're reduced to the ci products.

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We need to forward this all to Kohler. I HATE, HATE, HATE Kohler. Give me their head engineer out in the field working with their crap for 1 day and he will go postal.:2guns:I hate those new tank to bowl with the slip in bolts. Who is the dumba.. that came up with that and why doesn't the left bolt ever stay in place? :blink: Did I say I hate Kohler:laughing:

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Kohler Wellworth toilets:
Well worth beating the hell out of with an ax.
The flush mechanism sucks hide tit.
It's all just a name... Who needs Jordash or calvin klein when Wal-mart has levi's that are far better, and cheaper!!!!

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i have had my Kohler Cimmaron installed in our masterbathroom for about 6 months now, and it has not stopped up yet. Has the class 6 flush, but it likes to leave nice turd tracks in the bowl.

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For me the biggest reason why they suck is their repair parts...

So many proprietary parts and reinventing the wheel with every new product...

They have so many parts there is not one Kohler Distributor in the world that would stock them all... Heck the factory doesn't even stock them all... Seems like everytime I order a part from them it's back ordered with a 3 week wait before they ship it... Oh yea no overnite shipping either...:blink:

143 Fill Valves... http://www.kohlerserviceparts.kohle...chparameters=fill+valve&pagenum=0&pagesize=12

79 Flappers... http://www.kohlerserviceparts.kohle...earchparameters=flapper&pagenum=0&pagesize=12

191 Flush Valves... http://www.kohlerserviceparts.kohle...hparameters=flush+valve&pagenum=0&pagesize=12

364 Stems... http://www.kohlerserviceparts.kohle...t&searchparameters=stem&pagenum=0&pagesize=12

I shoulda gone to college to be a plumbing parts designer for Kohler...
Spend my whole life reinventing the wheel for every product making some Rube Goldberg looking crap with pleny of job security...:laughing:

Get a load of this one...
"I can fix your toilet..."
"Parts will be $462.20 My Cost!"
"What are you some kind of crook?"
"No Maam. As I stated that price is my cost from Kohler for the part...":whistling2:
"And it will take 3 weeks to get here..."
May I suggest a brand new Toto Toilet?"


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Keep posting guys! Manufacturers reps are coming to this site to see what we say.

I had an Oatey rep come by the shop last week. I mentioned this site and he explained that he gets on here alot to see how we feel about different products etc and see what needs to be improved. He made mention of how well we welcome home owners on here, so I'm pretty sure he wasn't just blowing smoke.

Keep talking about these products, they are listening and hopefully writing it down.
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