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  • Should be Completely Straight

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  • Bows "longways" are manageable

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  • Mfg. is over/under pressing the product (Stainless only)

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  • No, not really a problem if 2 people are involved.

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Kitchen Sinks - Should they be bowed?

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Having lots of trouble believing there is any true reason to have a kitchen sink bowed and have to be spring loaded into position.

I remember a Moen Sink issue years ago that the customer had me install his sink over 5 times, each time Moen sent another one it was just bowed as bad as the last.

They finally sent a relatively straight one, job complete. He thought moen was going to compensate him for all the effort I made to go up there and replace that sink that many times, they didn't.

The guy was real hard to deal with and his poor wife, I felt so sorry for her.

This guy was a numbers guy, always headstrong to keep going forward no matter how bad the situation is. Thank goodness I don't work for him anymore. It's better that way.
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every time the customer go the big box store and get they are bowed & missing clips. they end up paying us for another trip to finish it up .
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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