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Anyone out there know of the sizing chart for building drains and sewers in KY. If not, how is it sized?

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Section 8. Soil, and Vent Stacks.
(1) A building in which a plumbing
fixture is installed shall have a soil or waste and vent stack, or stacks, extending
full size through the roof.
(2) A soil or waste and vent stack shall be as direct as possible and free from
sharp bends or turns.
(3) The required size of the soil or waste and vent stack shall be determined
from the total fixture units connected to the stack in accordance with Section 7
of this administrative regulation except that more than three (3) water closets

shall not discharge into a three (3) inch stack.

Section 9. Future Openings.
An existing opening or an opening installed in
a plumbing system for future use shall be complete with its soil, waste and vent

piping and shall comply with this administrative regulation.

Section 10. House Drain.
(1) The size of the house drain shall be
determined by the total number of fixture units connecting to the house drain.
The total area of vents through the roof shall be equal to that of the house drain

with a minimum of one (1) three (3) inch stack.

Pages 89 to 100 you have to know like the back of your hand in order to pass.

Kentucky State Plumbing Code

Do you own a KY state codebook?

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