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This story I can stomach.

Again, it's from the IAPMO news letter.

Miracolo! Town Turns Water into Wine

Every year the little town of Marino, Italy celebrates Sagra dell'Uva, or Grape Festival, commemorating the return of Admiral Marcantonio Colonna and his victory over the Turks in the Battle of Lepanto in 1571.

Traditionally, the water supply to the town center fountain is interrupted, and wine from the local vineyards is channeled to flow through instead.

This year as Mayor Adriano Palozzi and the crowd waited around the fountain with glasses in hand, a cry of "Miracolo" came from a house overlooking the square. A woman rushed out to reveal that wine was flowing from her kitchen tap.

"I was in the kitchen ready to do the housework and filled up a bucket of water to mop the floor. But I noticed the smell - and realized it was white wine," said a local named Anna.
Instead of hooking up to the fountain, the pipes from the vineyard were mistakenly connected to the town's water supply.

"Apparently the people living around the square who got the wine coming out of their taps were very surprised, they thought that it might be some kind of present from the local council! It only lasted three minutes, we corrected it straight away," said Mr. Palozzi to BBC News.

"People were calling it a miracle, but it wasn't, it was a mistake. I don't think it dampened the enthusiasm of people at the festival though, and everyone still had a good time."
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