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I figure I'll chip in.

I'm a super senior 4th year and have installed 6 tankless units and repaired countless. (I'm service side so it's a rare deal to get put on a new install) I'm fully certified in install and repair on Rinnai and know the insides and out. Even with this it takes me on average 5 - 6 hours to install one with no circ to correct standards by myself. Now this is collecting material too, but I don't think it's too much more time because even if given all the material, more then likely he'll still need to pick up something. If you haven't done one yourself I seriously doubt you have all the materials needed in your material list. Hell, I do material lists all the time and slap myself in the face when something doesn't work the way I had planned and I'm rolling back to the supply house for the second time. Not saying I'm the best plumber by any means, but I do hold my own fairly well and tankless just takes time.

I will add even with a new construction and doing it solo, a tank takes at least 3 hours to install if also running a vent, doing a drain pan, and an expansion tank.
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