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It takes my leadman (30 years exp) 4-6 hours to install one if he has to run the inlet/exhaust vent out in pvc, that is with the flashings ran on topout phase, with pipe usually stubbing out. Then it takes him another hour to figure out how to set up the recirc system on the display pad. I personally think that he camps on them to avoid having to do anything else. I would think 3-4 hours max if the topout crew didn't do terrible work, and that is with clean/professional work. In an 8 hour day if all that you can accomplish is a tankless water heater, and set 3 stools (not including caulking them) then I think that its time that you retire. Just sayn....

P.S - It is also important to note that each phase has to be a professional job, or the next phase is going to suck. If I worked @ a company that did terrible work then I would probably last 2-3 days tops...
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