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Are you an employee, apprentice, journeyman, business owner?
I am a new business owner and also my only employee. I am have a couple more boxes to check before I can give notice to my current employer and confidently strike out solo.
I have a PL01 plumbing license in Washington and I also keep my Idaho Journeyman license current. I have been a journeyman for around 11 years.

Tell us if you had to go to trade school. How long?
I was an registered apprentice with ABC in alaska for the entirety of the 8000 hours required to take my Journeyman Exam.
How many hours or steps(1/2/3/4) before you become a journeyman?

We studied 4 separate sections during my apprenticeship.
What trade certificate do you have, plumbing, gas, oil, pipe fitter etc.? How did you get them, exams, courses, or free in a cracker jack box?

Just full commercial plumbing licenses in WA and ID.
What about your recent jobs, describe what you actually do and what type of building : houses, high rises, commercial building, institutional, oil refineries, paper mills etc.

I have been a field foreman on a new school in the area for the last year or so. I have worked on 3 schools total, 2 of which were in remote bush villages in SW AK. I spent about 3 years as a service plumber helper before getting put on a large apartment (1000+units total) complex on a military base. Spent the rest of my hours there, before moving out of AK to WA. When I got to WA I worked for a service plumbing shop in ID for 1 year. I would say most of my experience is in service, then multi-family, then single family homes, and then commercial buildings like schools and sewage treatment plants.

I'm here mainly to talk plumbing with other plumbers and get some guidance/advice about working for myself. I'll do my best to stay active and participate in the discussions on this forum.

Thanks for taking the time to read my intro, I hope i did it right.

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gray pipe dope? I usually use monster pipe dope (white) or the blue (megaloc). We exclusively used pro dope in the squeeze tube back in AK.
Grey dope and tape is for the pros because it is darn near invisible with chrome. And it's much harder to see if you get some on stone or wood.
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