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am Mike Maruska, a U.A. Local 98 member since 1970. I am a 3rd Generation Plumb. My Grandfather was J.P Maruska Plumbing (non-union)
He retired in 1960. My dad joined the Union and did not pursue the biz as he was burn't out during the War.
I worked out of hall, and learned Welding in Troy Ohio (Hobart) to become marketable. I have welded in Nuclear Power plants across the country, as well as many refineries. Doing so took me away from my young family so I gave up on my "career" and started Birmingham (MI) Plumbing in 1990 using a unemployment check and a 500 bus. I had my house paid for at the time, my 3 kids college secured in 3 MET funds, 5000 oz of silver bullion in a deposit box,and needed 8 hrs a week to pay all overhead . I chose a name only after learning the yellowpges placment rules ended up with A AA BIRMINGHAM PLUMBING which placed me first in the phone book ahead of the 20 fullpage me so far?
I had a 10 year plan: 40 hrs billable within 10 bids....
repairs for homeowners and welding for plumbers and hvac only. 5 years into plan Chrysler hired me after neighbor refered me. (pipefitter-Jefferson Assy ) I always expected to re-open the biz 1-2 years before retirement.
That time is now,due to the bankruptcy filing and my new 8 week first time in 14 yr layoff. Chrysler had its rewards...2 million in earnings over 14 plus yrs of time) house ect. It also caused me to leverage my paid for 200k Royal Oak home by renting it for 1500 per month in pay the mortgage on a 270k (1650)...condo in Rochester's Billion Dollar Mile area...which was rented for 2k per month in 2000, that rental income (3500 mo) plus my 100k plus salary was used as leverage to mortgage and purchase my present ranch (278k)....I end up with 900k prime Oakland real estate with the plan to double in value in 10 years as it has for 60 yrs! Considered a safe,conservative investment by all (real estate) I watched it all go south,ending in a divorce in 08. We have since reconciled. Money does affect a marriage. So here I sit, trying to decide what to do-take a buyout offer of 1500 mo plus health care for life that is suspect at best, take a 100,000 buyout with no health care-no pension for 7 yrs...stay and go to midnights and restart the biz doing 1 call after work a day....going back to welding and it the "hall"
I hold several licenses and certifications:
Michigan Master/Plumbing Contractors #8or3?(worn)001594
michigan mechanical contractor #7109303
american welding society certified welding inspect # (upon request)
My life is a open book and i hope to be a light in this world as i walk in the steps ordered by my Lord and Savior,Jesus Christ
again sorry for the late intro

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Welcome To PZ Mike.
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