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Thank you for the info. Isn't that a Home Depot store brand? I got it at their high end Expo Design Center at the time. I think it may be more upscale that Glacier Bay though. But I'll give them a call. Getting desparate as my only other alternative is to replace the entire set up but it will require me to open the back wall...
how about calling a lic’ed plumber and paying them to figure it out, instead of asking lic’ed plumbers to solve your problem for FREE!

And before you jump down my throat, ask you self this-
“Do I work for free?”
No you don’t, I dont either.
I did t spend 25 years building a business and spending $100K’s to be where I am to give out free advice.

oh yeah, you need to post an intro in the new member forum to be a part of this “for Professional Plumbers ONLY” website.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts