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Google Algorithms

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Taken from the scripted words of Mark Anthony on Facebook:

If You Were Penalized By Google's Penguin Update, We Have The Solution!
Recently Google has been the source of much frustration and irritation in the online community. A recently released update, entitled “Penguin” has caused a series of problems and obstacles to domain owners and businesses with highly trafficked websites. In an attempt to rid the search engine of “spammy SEO practice
s” the website giant has actually harmed legitimate and well-crafted websites, rather than helping them. Such popular sites as, and have lost almost half of their visibility. This is only the latest in a series of poorly constructed algorithms to rise from Google in the past year.
How does one fight back against these ill-conceived practices? After suffering through millions of complaints, Google has provided an online form, for website owners to file if they think their site has been wrongly penalized by “Penguin”. It can be found at:

Though many businesses and website owners have been rightfully upset by this shift, and some have even started a petition to revoke it, there are still ways to help your website rank better. At Training For Success we constantly keep ourselves updated on the new and emerging SEO practices that the ever-shifting Google is apt to throw at the web.

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a petition to google isn't going to do anything. the algorithm isn't poorly constructed, the sites being penalized were poorly optimized, or over optimized. google wants to give the user the best possible results, and in order to do that they have to eliminate sites using "black hat" optimization methods. if your site has been penalized by this update, the best thing you can do is take a step back and look at any potentially sketchy things that may have been done to influence your rankings. end of story, whining to google will get you no where
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