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Found this on a job last week. Husband is in the early stages of Alzheimers. What could possibly go wrong?
I told them that it should be taken out of the bathroom, or at a minimum at least off the vanity top next to the dixie cups.
Husband was in a period of clarity, so even quipped, "Why, so no one will drink it?". I said that is exactly why. Someone, groggy in the morning, not paying attention, drunken haze, whatever, might grab it without thinking, let alone someone with mental impairment. It was still there when I finished, so I grabbed it and handed it to the wife and insisted that we really need to keep this downstairs. Light bulb finally went off, and she thanked me. Sometimes it's really hard to help some people, but I left there feeling pretty good, with the hopes that some day karma will come around and some service guy will look out for me or mine in a similar way.
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