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I prefer a K60 with 7/8 cable for most mainline stoppages and use the K 400 drum for sinks, tubs and showers. But I’ll use whatever the company I work at has.

I use a K-60 with 7/8" cable for main lines and I do alright with it. Although the other day I got hung up on something; it was in a PVC main line. I eventually pulled the cable out, but it had me worried. I guess if I had been using a beefier machine, I would not have been struggling to get my cable back.

That's what I learned to use, a K-60 with the companies that I worked for. So naturally when I started up my own shop, I bought a K-60 since that was what I was familiar with. One company, Rescue Rooter gave me a Spartan 2001 I think. That was a beast.
I added a K-50 for smaller branch lines. The K-50 uses a 5/8" & 5/16" inner core cable.
1 - 1 of 39 Posts