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As I'm going to start cleaning out my shop these next couple months, I'm going to start moving product that I have.

I have a significant inventory for one man band so I'll figure out what's worth shipping and what's not.


It's a $459 water heater if you go to a mobile home or modular home store but this tank has no warranty; it expired years ago. The tank I believe is made by Rheem/Ruud so quality isn't an issue, it just states for the obvious that it's made for modular/mobile homes only and comes with straps, orifice kit to switch to LP/Propane.

If you live in an area with mobile homes, they still make some that had gas water heaters, changed a few in my day.

This is in an unopened box and won't open it to show it....I might be able to find a picture I took of the others from years ago.

I also have a PipeCat that was never used but once. Excellent condition and was bought off ebay.

Going to put a whole "lot" of copper fittings ranging from 1" to 2", copper tubing, valves, commercial pipe clamps and whatever I feel is worth moving.

Have a Sears/Kenmore 3/4 hp stainless steel grinding chamber Disposal, NIB, never opened and it's out of warranty as well.

Have numerous boxes of sloan flushometers and rebuild kits, handles and general parts.

2 B-tanks, parts for one valve assembly, maybe.

About 5-7 Gerber 2 handle kitchen sink faucets, the old style that weighed like 4 pounds and wear like iron in longevity. << Great rental property faucet for wear.

I just did buy a reset from Home Depot of probably 5-7 complete Moen Tub/Shower, a couple Shower only valves. Some American Standard Faucets that are 2 hndle lavy faucets.

For those of you with kids,

Got two Winnie the Pooh Faucets that are 8" centersets, the spout is a tree and the two handles, one is a barrel with winnie hangin on to it, the other I don't know.

Got a bunch of 3/4" Dielectric union males
Threaded valves, both gate and stop, stop&waste

Going to unload a great deal of older toilet repair parts like AM Std's discs, the threaded and the push connect.

Plenty of junk boxes that I'll raid for what I "think" I'll need in the future and sell it as goody boxes, which will include materials that are still good, just won't ever use it anytime soon.

Brass fittings galore, tons of brass fittings that I'd have to sell by the pound or what have ya.

CPVC transition fittings, Gerber Tub/Drain Kits, Business Magnet stock that "might" still have some strength left.

Random sections of different lengths of Gas-Tite 1/2" piping, Gas-Tite Male connectors.

Urinal spuds, Robertshaw thermostats, Kohler/Moen rough-in valves,

Over a couple thousand brass seats of all differents makes.

Boxes of random "junk" stems for older faucets that are new, but either parts robbed or missing the seat washers, seat screws or whatever.

Plumbing tools but I don't know what they are yet.

I'm doing this more for the value of diminished inventory more than the money itself. I have garbage cans of good deals I've bought over the years and have no clue what I even own. Same with ebay sales. Bought run lots and they came with stuff I needed and didn't need.

I'll start posting pictures on this thread when I get something lined up for a go.

NOTHING I'm unloading comes with a warranty; As-is and I'll be checking this stuff out pretty well before moving I'll catch just about everything before I pack and ship it.

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Brass Seats

Starting Bid - $1.00

Bidding ends 3-15-09

Shipping is $20 for packaging, will go USPS with normal delivery. If you live outside the United States or takes a boat or plane to get to you, the price goes up.

If sorting box included, add $10. I understand that shipping to CA will have me underpricing the shipping, overpricing if it goes to TN or IL.

There is a reserve on this item which will not be revealed until it's met.

Any PM's on this will forfeit your ability to bid.

If I feel my reserve was too high, the highest bidder at the end of March 15th gets the product for their bid.

Payment must be sent by paypal, a payment made and sent through by email address. If no payment in 3 days, the next highest bidder wins.

No excuses in my book after the 3 day rule. I might seem harsh but I'm about to zip a good deal of inventory out of my hands pretty cheap.

The second tray pictured is heavy, has the most seats. This was a commercial buyout that came with a slew of other items. There's one other box that if I find it, I'll extend the auction date to March 20th. It will be a box of mostly index caps/buttons.​
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