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Check out post #40, and the last post that was drudged up by a victim of this piping system.

Durapex was bought out by the Nibco INC. of Elkhart Indiana. Calling them or their reps is virtually worthless.

We used Dura-Pex for a number of years and had switched over to Rehau a few years back

Awe DAMN! If that guy only knows about what's going on with REHAU, and why they left the country.

Apparently this is more than an isolated case, otherwise the thread would of perished in 2008. So far there's 3 with problems so that means there's hundreds if not thousands with this piping.

Since I'm a hambone in the pot of good controversy, Yellow Text Font

I have decided to build a website, a domain was purchased that will catch these failures as they create themselves. I'll pick up the data and show what is going on in a state-by-state basis with the court cases, the damage to property and liability claims, and if I can,

I'm going to post the plumbing companies that used these piping systems.

This is my contribution to the plumbing profession to protect the people, for the people, and for the future of our profession.

Too many cheerleaders of this product, too many class action lawsuits resulting of these numerous brands at this point failing with the property owner stuck with no ability to get recourse for these matters. All because it was "easy" and "cheap" for the installer.

I feel very protected by my choices, and for my customers ATVPT.

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