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This was one of two emergency calls that came in on sunday.

I can almost do these with my eyes closed.

No copper fittings were used in the making of this video...that's the beauty of that R10000 valve.

Had some wood burning....a tub/shower combo backs up to this one.

I upsold the faucet replacement on the back side of this new one, along with a PRV replacement. There's 4 figures involved in the big picture when it's all done.

Water pressure was 90+ pounds, defective PRV on the main...something the last plumber didn't check when the water heater was replaced a few months ago.

The "other" faucet will take longer, given 4 copper pipes in the equation.

Sat on my footstool the entire time working on this faucet. I had to move a large water line job to get this one done...customer (which is tomorrow) is understanding.

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what did you charge for Sunday??

I had one on a Sat night a while back
water was off to the house, had 4 kids staying overnight.....$600....

did the homeowner try to repair the old valve
and twist it right out of the wall???:laughing:.

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That's how I replace most single lever tub and shower valves.

I cut the body of the valve in to pieces with a my one handed sawzall and leave the mip threads from the valve body over the copper

Then unsolder the the remaining valve from the existing copper and pull them off with my channel locks.
Usually the only time I have to add any couplings or pipe is when the the old delta valves have the push button diverter.
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