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Business Networking

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I started this thread to see many ways we can connect with one another to boost our businesses. Let's start by listing our Facebook and Twitter pages here. If you haven't yet got your business signed up on these social media, you may want to do so.

List your Facebook and Twitter page here, follow others and they'll follow you.

Looking forward to networking with you!

Our Facebook Business Page:

Twitter Page:
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Plumbing Zone is On Twitter.

Plumbing Zone is On Twitter.

Great! Let's connect there too! Nice to meet you:)
Thing is I don't know who even started the page. Only one tweet is on there. No activity.
I don't think Twitter was started by the owner of this site so don't even follow that one, but here is the one from Facebook.

The owner of Plumbing Zone can start another twitter page with little variation, then try to verify it with twitter as legitimate owner. Takes time to verify, though
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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