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Since the weather has been icy, snowy and wet these past couple months, I've been getting relentless calls from water damage/restoration companies.

It's always a young woman, cute voice sounding, offering to buy me lunch and let me know they'll give me $300-$500 cash if I refer them to any jobs where they get used for the insurance job.

Some of these people are very persistent, trying to get me to commit.

I've heard of some plumbing companies "tied" to these affiliations but I've had 3 bad experiences with them, 1 got a scathing BBB report from me, but the great thing is I finally got them to stop mailing me BS all the time.

Save the trees idiots....but apparently they didn't like listening to me.

I don't sit well with cold call sales pitches.

The other is MF idiots trying to let me know there's a safety meeting I missed and I MUST call their 1-800 number to reschedule. Always called by my first name.

The last is the ones trying to tell me that I don't have one of those very important OSHA safety poster boards and that if I don't get one I'll be in violation with heavy fines and blah blah blah.

The safety poster companies always contact me by mail also. The guy who called this past week called from a nonsense number that couldn't be traced, and he acted like I broke his heart when I said the boss man wouldn't be in till friday.

He didn't call back.

The biggest crock of **** is these people that call from publishing outfits trying to get me to commit to advertising on "phone book covers" ....


I have too much fun with the phone book cover people from strangeland. They start out with some price of $179, but when they hear "no" they say "Well we are willing to offer this one time heavy discount of $129 if you go with us today" and they don't need the money right away, "We'll bill you at a later date." How convenient! Let me take my time to pay for advertising that'll never work!

Another fellow called me up and this guy was cocky that he thought he had one over on me until I backtracked his phone number online when talking to him and called him by his first name, then mentioned a couple family members on the same street. Thank YOU!!!! :thumbsup:

That guy never knew that was coming, no way. :laughing:
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